Itchy and painful corners of the mouth? you may have the signs of angular cheilitis

Maintaining a healthy mouth is crucial for the best possible comfort in your daily life.

Our modern way of life

Current eating habits involve deficiencies in essential nutrients whose role is to ensure the optimal functioning of our body and to defend it against the various threats that surround it (infections, diseases, pain,…).

In addition, the modern pace of life that causes stress and unnatural behaviour is also a factor not to be overlooked in weakening our natural means of protection.

One of the most important organ

Why is it imperative to take care of your mouth?

Because it is the first path of everything you ingest in solid and liquid form. Everything that passes through there and is ingested will be transformed in your body to make it stronger when the elements are beneficial or, on the contrary, will alter it if what you consume is harmful, repetitive and not very varied.

There are external signs that do not lie and can attract your attention in order to reverse the trend.

For example, unsightly traces on the skin, pimples that grow, hair loss, etc… and often this is accompanied by a feeling of general inner “uneasiness” that is difficult to describe.

mouth open to identify its parts
Parts of the mouth

In the oral route, these clues are located mainly on the lips, tongue, gums and teeth, as well as the entire inner part (palate of the mouth and cheeks).

Identify “angular cheilitis”

Angular cheilitis is one of the forms of inflammation of the lip.

It is located at the junction between the upper and lower lip, causing irritation and quite unpleasant discomfort.

It can be recognized by its pink/red colour; the skin in this area disintegrates and pulls, causing some pain when you open your mouth wide.

You can understand the inconvenience this inflammation causes, because the daily actions of eating, drinking or even talking hurt.

Social and love life can also be penalized. Kissing your partner and those around you becomes an act that you find yourself trying to hold back.

It is a delicate area to treat because it constitutes precisely the border between the inside of the wet mouth and the dry outside.

People who suffer from it tend to pass their tongues over it to relieve themselves and calm itching, but without effective treatment, angular cheilitis can persist.

There are creams that can be applied to heal, but in general, it is better to avoid it by adopting preventive behaviours.

In this site, we will cover all aspects of the subject: symptoms, causes, remedies and upkeep of the buccal area.

You will find all the information you need to prevent and get out of this type of lip inflammation in order to regain the pleasure of having a normal functioning of the mouth.

Maintaining the inside of your mouth means ensuring that the food passing through it does so in a healthy environment that is beneficial to the health of the rest of your body.

We should therefore all pay particular and constant attention to this.

This involves hygiene, of course, but also everything we have to consume.